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IoT And Robotics Integration

IoT & Robotic

Connected devices serve a single purpose, to send and receive data. Today, they’re integrated everywhere. From cars and TV’s to IP cameras, system automation, and equipment sensors, these devices are continuously transmitting data. Unfortunately, many companies are not able to fully utilize that data in an effective manner. That’s where Venovis comes in. We‘re experienced in developing and crafting connected platforms. With a user centric approach, we work closely to understand your specific goals and tailor the solution to meet your needs.

Robotics and automated machinery have become commonplace. With our experience in designing control interfaces for new and existing robotic systems (robots, cars, drones and other automated machines), our team will engage with you to create an integrated solution that will enable your company to maximize the value of your existing technology devices.


Venovis has been developing mobile and desktop products for the last decade. From consumer to enterprise clients, our team has experience building system-level software for desktops, and award-winning mobile apps. With our core focus always being the user, we’re confident that we can create the right digital experience you’re looking for.

Desktop and Mobile Design and Development Services
Machine Learning & AI Development Services

machine learning & AI

We identify opportunities where machine learning can be used to significantly enhance the value of your system or products. With the amount of data being collected today, we understand that it’s impossible to analyze and extract that wealth of information manually. With our experience in machine vision, machine learning, voice interfaces, sensor fusion, and system automation we can leverage your data to make accurate predictions and reveal information important to you that you wouldn’t likely be able to discover otherwise.

Streaming & Platform

We have experience in producing core technologies for some of the largest media streaming companies in the world. From traditional media streams to real-time drone feeds, to instantaneous data from sensors and things alike, we have you covered. Streaming content gives you the ability to be platform agnostic.

At Venovis, we’re always thinking about scalability and flexibility. We focus on designing and creating platform solutions (Branding, SDK’s, API’s) so that we can easily leverage these core technologies. Having a strong platform enables us to develop for one type of device medium and efficiently port to another saving you time and money.  We have applied our expertise to various mediums beyond mobile & desktop devices, such as: Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, HoloLens and Vive.

Streaming Design and Development Services


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